How to update to Android 11

How to install Android 11 on your smartpone by flashing? Updating Android on a smartphone can be done formally and informally. Today we will tell how to upgrade to Android 11 via computer, you can use earlier versions of the operating system. There are 2 options:

  • Officially, this is when the manufacturer issues updates, you press the button, wait 5 minutes, and you're done.
  • Unofficially – when your model did not get on the manufacturer's list of updates for any reason (99% is greed), but there are firmware from enthusiasts that can be used by installing through a computer, and they are almost always there.

Updating will be done through the free ZYKUFlasher program on PC. Its advantage over analogues is updates in a couple of clicks.

Update to Android 11

  • Charge your smartphone from 30%;
  • Connect it to the computer via cable (USB debugging on Android must be enabled);
  • Download and run the program ZYKUFlasher;
  • Act on instructions (firmware for your device you can find on the Internet).

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