Download ZYKURestore 1.3

Download ZYKURestore 1.3

Introducing you ZYKURestore 1.3 – free data recovery tool on PC for smartphones on Android OS, this does not require root access. Any Android devices are supported. Earlier versions of the program are in private access.

What data can be restored using this software:

  • Media files – photos, videos, music;
  • SMS, messages of instant messengers Viber, Whatsapp, Line, Bleep, ICQ, Jabber and others;
  • Contacts and call log.

How to recover deleted files on Android

General rules:

1. Stop creating new data – the Android system does not have a recycle bin as in OS Windows, but the deleted file does not disappear completely, it remains in the same memory location, while the space it occupies is marked as unused and becomes available for recording. As soon as the place is used by new data, the deleted file will be overwritten and you will not be able to recover it!

You need to stop downloading and updating applications, take photos, receive messages and calls. We recommend that you put your device in airplane mode and use it as little as possible.

2. You need to perform recovery using only PC programs, since by installing applications on your phone you can potentially overwrite the data you need.

3. Restore the files as soon as possible, the reason is point 1.

Instruction for ZYKURestore

Download ZYKURestore 1.3
  1. You need enabled USB debugging in Android OS
    Download ZYKURestore 1.3
  2. The smartphone must be connected to the PC on Windows, some devices may need drivers to connect to the PC.
  3. Download the latest version of ZYKURestore
  4. Run the program
  5. Choose the path to save your files
  6. Select the type of files to search by checking the checkboxes.
    1. Or set the Search by mask checkbox (in this case, the remaining checkboxes will be ignored) and enter the necessary extension in the extension field, for example, “* .png”. Using this mask, files in png format will be searched.
  7. Click Find and Restore and wait, the program will begin to search for files that can be restored, after which a selection window will open.
    Download ZYKURestore 1.3
  8. After selecting the necessary files, click OK.
  9. File recovery will begin.
  10. Upon successful recovery, you will receive a “Restore done!” notification.
    Download ZYKURestore 1.3

The recovered data is available in the directory that you selected earlier.

Download ZYKURestore 1.3 free

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